Analog and digital:
mastering the interplay

Intelligent digitalization improves the workplace and the interaction with your customers, citizens and partners noticeably. For a successful digitalization we, therefore, always involve people – with active project participation and workshops.

Digitalization strategies and user-oriented workshops

Mutual basis for decision makers and users

In our workshops we introduce you to the world of digitalization. You can choose from our interactive workshop modules and create your ideal and individual compilation.

Learn from the experts.

Know-how which makes a difference as it is directly feasible.

Winding path in birdview - Digitalization Workshop - develogment

Digitalization Workshop

Roadmap for your digitalization

Target group: decision makers, IT experts, managers

We develop your digitalization strategy which later serves as the base for the digital transformation in your company. Your individual requirements as well as all important executives and experts are of course involved. We create the suitable framework and develop options for action together. At the end, we agree on a lasting implementation concept.
Workshop with a presentation on a TV screen - Automation Check - develogment

Automation Check

Introduction to the world of process automation

Target group: decision makers, IT specialists, interested parties

We introduce you to the world of business process automation and show you the diverse possibilities of crosslinxx to solve your company‘s digital requirements. You experience the interplay of workflow management, middleware, DMS, AI, reporting, OCR, business intelligence and RPA. In the proof of concept you can test our solutions for your specific requirements.
Process modeled on a computer screen - crosslinxx Training - develogment

crosslinxx Training

Base for your business process automation

Target group: IT specialists, managers, employees

You get to know the basics of business process management, business process optimization and BPMN-modelling. Additionally, you learn about process automation in practice as together we automate a defined business process. Thus, you get to know crosslinxx and its functions interactively. At the end of the two-day workshop your first own automated business process goes live.
Meeting with a presentation on a TV - crosslinxx Use Case Workshop - develogment

crosslinxx Use Case Workshop

Go-live of your digitalized business process

Target group: process participants, IT specialists, managers

In our use case workshop we optimize and automate one of your company’s specific business processes together with all relevant process participants. For this, we teach you the basics of business process management and process automation. We work interactively and practice the necessary skills in practical use. At the end, the to-be-process is done. Then, you have the necessary usage know-how and – depending on the complexity – you can already go live with your process.
Presentation of a process on a TV - crosslinxx Workshop for Key Users and Trainers - develogment

crosslinxx Workshop for Key Users and Trainers

Additional knowledge basis for your organization

Target group: key user, internal trainers

In our add-on module you can brush up, deepen or expand your knowledge of workflow management. Here, we practice the basics of AI, reporting, OCR, business intelligence or RPA. In our “train the trainer” module we prepare you methodically to share your knowledge with others. If you wish, we help key users in their daily doings with our support package.

If you have any questions concerning our workshops, please feel free to ask your personal contact:

Develogment - E. Schulze-Hulitz - Head of citylinxx
Elisabeth Schulze-Hulitz
Head of citylinxx