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More courage for digitalization!

We empower you to automate your administrative and logistic processes. With the support of our solutions you are able to manage your company more efficiently and you can react flexibly and proactively to process changes.

By using our products you do not only increase the efficiency and profitability of your company, but also increase the satisfaction of your customers and suppliers with faster and more reliable processes.

Digital Document Management

Using crossdoxx you can render both data exchange and collaboration within your organization, as well as with your external business partners, in a professional, secure and up-to-date manner. Furthermore crossdoxx provides you to reduce your IT costs permanently. Expensive investments in servers and licenses, lengthy training courses and high installation and administrative costs- traditionally associated with a document management solution do not exist.

  • Regulation-compliant and securely archived company documents
  • Faster and more flexible access to company documents and workflows
  • Optimize and accelerate processes through automation
  • Reduce manual efforts on recurring tasks
  • Costs transparent & flexibly scalable
  • Optimized communication & coordination for more efficient collaboration

Business Process Automation

With crosslinxx you optimize your company and connect all internal systems and those of your business partners. Business processes can be intuitively modeled and presented, this allows you to achieve rapid success and supports operational flexibility. crosslinxx makes use of artificial intelligence to analyze complex issues, draw the right conclusions and even initiate direct measures. Concluding you work more effectively, make fewer mistakes and find potential for improvement more easily.

  • Integration of all software systems, internal and external
  • Intuitive and fast graphical modeling of workflows by using BPMN
  • Management of interdivisional business processes
  • Automation of work processes
  • Decision making based on artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Central Information Processing