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The secure and efficient handling of information and documents is a critical success factor for companies. An essential element when seeking to optimize the current flood of paper and information is that corporate documents are reliably protected and encrypted, but at the same time still are available to all those involved in the process if required.

With crossdoxx by develogment, you have access to a sophisticated solution for worldwide access to your corporate documents. Using crossdoxx you can render both data exchange and collaboration within your organization, as well as with your external business partners, professional, secure and up-to-date. Your sensitive documents and files will be safe with us at all times, because transferred and stored data is encrypted. Data is stored exclusively in Germany, in the synaix certified data center in Aachen, which stands for proven processes and secure banking standards.

What our customers say

crossdoxx can be seamlessly integrated in your system landscape

crossdoxx can be used intuitively and can be seamlessly integrated with the PC or MAC client like an external hard drive into your existing system landscape. Even without installation on your clients, it can be accessed and used via a browser or mobile app (Android and iOS). If you need to work offline on a plane or train, the crossdoxx desktop allows you to securely and reliably access offline files, and after editing, to synchronize them again with your central repository. 

With crossdoxx you can permanently reduce your IT costs, because costly server licenses, lengthy training courses and high installation and administrative costs- traditionally associated with a document management solution- do not exist. crossdoxx fits perfectly into your structure and grows with your company if necessary – regardless of whether you use it in heterogeneous and mature structures, small teams or multinational corporations.

crossdoxx is a great collaboration platform

You can also easily work more closely with your colleagues, because with crossdoxx, for example, you can share tags, comments and feedback with each other, creating a great collaboration platform.

Integrate crossdoxx into your business processes seamlessly and benefit from the fact that the open and secure architecture enables both customizable apps and your relevant software systems to be securely connected via the RESTful API. 

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