Business Process Automation

crosslinxx offers you a solution that controls event-related business processes across systems and businesses. These processes can be automated across all media channels, and they can be processed as holistically as possible. This makes workflows along the entire value chain more effective and transparent and helps to avoid errors.

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Your existing standard solutions or individual software packages can be integrated by crosslinxx.

crosslinxx not only connects systems within its own system landscape, but it also acts as a bridge to external partners and suppliers. New systems can also be connected quickly and easily via an integrated and established middleware component.

Nothing gets lost, work processes are automated, and project lead and idle times are reduced.
Let us consider an example of how logistical processes can be automated. The distance of a truck to the logistics center is determined by GPS. crosslinxx automatically initiates preparations for the cargo loading process once the truck is a certain distance to the logistics center. In addition, services such as weather forecasts, traffic jam reports, or complaints that affect the entire logistics chain can be integrated. If changes should occur in the process, the active control system can issue responses quickly and as automatically as possible.

What our customers say

crosslinxx can use artificial intelligence to analyze complex issues, draw the right conclusions, and even initiate direct measures. Administrative processes, such as the payment of invoices, orders, and vacation requests, can be prepared automatically. Thus, automation can handle a large number of the tasks related to coordination and communication.

Business processes can easily be modeled graphically. This allows you to achieve rapid success and affords you with operational flexibility in the event of process changes. The structures within your own company become more transparent, and it becomes easier to identify places where there is room for improvement.

crosslinxx optimizes your ability to exchange data and information.

Operations are no longer handled at the interdepartmental level. Every employee knows where a task is currently located.

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