Logistic Solutions

Standardized solutions or custom software development – Logistic Solutions has the right answer for you!

“The boundaries between logistics and IT will need to merge in order to generate new quantitative and qualitative synergy potential.”

In the age of digitalization, many economic sectors are being subject to continuous change –
among them also the logistics sector. In order to work in the quickest and most cost efficient manner, all company processes should be optimally coordinated and be linked with each other through interrelated workflows.

Preventing media disruptions and loss of quality

Today company processes are often still based on heterogeneous sources of information that are difficult to bundle or coordinate (for example electronic documents, excel spreadsheets, verbal information etc.). That costs a lot of time and leads (especially during collaboration with external partners) to lengthy and complicated procedures and frequently even to loss of quality.

In order to avoid media disruptions and loss of quality, all systems (i.e. both your legacy systems and modern Internet or cloud products) have to interlock seamlessly in a holistic concept. The smooth interaction of all systems as well as material and information flows play a fundamental role, especially in logistics processes.

„Workflow engines“ as basis for quick and stable solutions

Agile logistics and IT solutions mean that there is no longer any need for expensive system modifications or error-prone and time-consuming custom developments. Our solutions are based on „workflow engines” and connect your business processes, both vertically and horizontally. This leads to both optimized Time2market and system stability.

We will develop complete solutions for you based on established standard products, as well as tailored and integrated custom software. Our specialists in the field of Logistic Solutions have long-standing experience in software development, with a focus on the logistics industry. With that in mind, they develop easy to use solutions – specifically aimed at the complex requirements of your company and the market.

Our products bridge your system boundaries

Our own product portfolio aims to merge logistics and IT solutions to the furthest extent possible, so that your business processes can be processed as integrated and automated as possible.

With „crossdoxx” we brought to market a digital document-management-system & collaboration-tool that specifically supports above mentioned objective. Find more information here:  www.crossdoxx.com

Our business process automation „crosslinxx“ supports you in controlling logistic and administration business processes. For more information, please click here.