Managed Analytics

From a flood of information to meaningful indicators – make the right decision!

„How ‚Big-Data‘ becomes an instrument for proactive management.“

In recent decades, logistics has been characterized primarily through reactive management. However, today the rapid speed and high complexity of logistics processes require proactive management along the entire supply chain. To benefit from „Big Data” is essential for this. 

Nowadays, information is available in abundance, while its analysis and conversion into key performance indicators (KPIs / Reporting) is still a big challenge. The real-time representation of KPIs, however, is essential for successful corporate management, as well as for professional and efficient cooperation with external parties.

Define your future with real-time forecasts

Using real-time forecasts, companies can even adapt and continuously optimize their logistics processes to current, previously unforeseeable events in real time. For example, based on changing weather forecasts and current traffic reports, a warehouse manager can – in advance – take into account fluctuating demands & delivery times in resource planning, and thus avoid supply shortages. This development towards real-time forecasts will accelerate exponentially in the coming years since more and more data sources (traffic reports and weather forecasts, social media, sensors …) will provide real-time information.

In order to be able to use this information efficiently, data must be targeted and filtered appropriately. The steadily growing and diversified data mass is increasingly overwhelming conventional database and analysis tools. New, more powerful software solutions and analytical approaches are needed to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How we help you to be successful?

With Managed Analytics, we offer you a service that allows you to extract the relevant information from the flood of data and present it in a consolidated fashion. In a first step, information targets are jointly defined at a workshop. Afterwards the relevant data is identified, collected and visualized in dynamic dashboards. This data can be used both to make informed strategic decisions and to assist with your daily business.

Besides data analysis, we are also happy to deploy our experience in supply chain management, to examine your entire value-creation chain, and to actively support you in the purchasing and distribution units. We can, for example, negotiate with your suppliers, or conduct regular status meetings with your transportation service providers, so that you are free to focus on your core business.