Business Process Automation

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crosslinxx is our solution for automating and controlling business processes in companies and public administrations. With crosslinxx you digitalize your processes holistically and integratively: Without media-disruption all participants are involved in their respective tasks. This creates an ideal data exchange as well as efficient workflows along the whole supply chain.

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Flexible, transparent and user-friendly

crosslinxx enables the digitalization of every business process. The processes are graphically modeled which allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability to changes. Your existent standard and individual software is integrated quickly and easily via a middleware-component. crosslinxx not only connects systems, but also all different process participants. Single tasks do not get lost anymore; instead, they are done systematically. crosslinxx can be used from anywhere at any time and is user-friendly as the responsive interface is generated automatically and can be flexibly adapted to changes.

Proactive with AI

Administrative tasks – such as making appointments, paying bills or taking orders – can be automated with crosslinxx. This reliefs your employees from routine jobs and repetitive tasks. Additionally, with artificial intelligence, crosslinxx can analyze complex issues, draw right conclusions and take the right measures beforehand. Any other service – like weather forecasts or traffic news – can be integrated to use process relevant information for a proactive control.

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