Our mission:
Optimized logistics

develogment – an internationally-active logistics consultancy and software company.

True to our motto, “Optimized logistics”, we provide high quality products and services covering the optimization of your logistics. We are a team of experts from the IT and logistics industries and have specialized in the development of innovative and integrated solutions for logistics processes. We offer customized solutions from a single source in order to actively support digital transformation in the logistics branch. 

Furthermore, we offer assessments and consulting services on the digitalization and optimization of your logistics processes with a focus on small and medium-sized companies. We see ourselves as a neutral sparring partner, and using integrated approaches, always advise in a neutral and implementation- and solution-oriented manner. Take a look at our impressive portfolio of services covering all logistics- and IT-related matters. Strengthen your national and international projects by using the sound expertise of our strong develogment-team and our network of outstanding specialists and long-term partners.

Our range of services includes three business units:

Whether with project participation, project documentation or with project management of complex change projects – we will support you with an integrated approach. 

In addition to project support, we provide you with consulting services for the digitalization and optimization of logistics processes as well as all issues concerning the IT in your company. We attach great importance to the fact that you do not perceive us purely as consultants. Instead, we see ourselves as your sparring partner who, jointly with you, will determine and exploit your actual future opportunities.

Would you like to optimize your logistics processes? Or are you, for example, looking for a new transport or warehouse management system?  

We will develop customized software solutions specific to your company: both based on established standard products as well as in-house customized software. The highest goal being to have all systems seamlessly integrated to prevent media disruptions and loss of quality.

Today, data is readily available – but how do you filter out the relevant information for your company?  

With our service Managed Analytics, we provide you with solid data analysis including a continuous display of figures in real time. This data can be used to make both informed strategic decisions and to assist with your daily business. Furthermore, in supply chain management, we closely examine your entire value chain and we will actively assist you in the units of procurement and distribution.