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Managed Analytics

From a flood of information via meaningful key figures to proactive control

We create your convenient data base, hence, you can make profound decisions. Amounts of data and reaction time are rapidly increasing. In order to find the right information in the flood of data and to make use of it – only a profound data basis is not enough. We support you in filtering the right key performance indicators for your company and your processes. Whether KPIs or OKRs, we set the goals with you and analyze, evaluate and visualize in dynamic dashboards. At the same time, we use data in real-time and connect it with the help of our AI-component with real-time prognoses which are generated from traffic news, weather forecasts or social media.
Our reporting ensures that business intelligence leads to successful results – in internal decision meetings as well as in negotiations with external partners.

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Personnel Requirements Analysis

Extensible, flexible, long-sighted

We build the reliable data basis for your proactive human resource management. Having the right employees in an economically useful extent is one of the main factors for success. This applies to public administrations as well as to companies. We analyze your personnel requirements appropriately for the tasks. For this purpose, we clarify your strategic requirements and the respective tasks. We use easily updateable procedures for the analysis of your future personnel requirements in quantity and quality. Thus, you are well-prepared for growing requirements in your company. We take the different task structures in the various fields into account – from project business via repetitive processes to creative tasks. Demographic developments, fluctuations or bottleneck factors are of course included in our projections.

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Tender Management

Focused and economical from requirement to contract

We support logistics service providers and shippers in finding the right balance between requirements and price-performance ratio. With our tender management we accompany you in the whole tender procedure. We ensure economical results – from the specification via the offer to the conclusion of contract. Our digital solution undertakes the offers’ automated evaluation for you and even includes different scenarios. As logistics consultancy, we help you in defining the requirements precisely and in evaluating offers specifically. On request, we create your tender documents and support you in drafting the contracts. We also accompany you with our logistics know-how in negotiations and the implementation of new contracts.

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Supplier Management

Measuring performance and improving sustainably

We help organizations to reach a stable performance with their suppliers. We connect goal-oriented KPIs and real-time-analyses with proactive last-value-prognoses and a customer-oriented reporting. We agree on a professional key figure set and ensure data in real-time. Based on facts, we uncover weak performances and make concrete improvements at neuralgic points possible. With regular KPI meetings, we create a fact-oriented cooperation. Thus, you and your suppliers can achieve a common binding quality standard.

If you have any questions or require more information on our services, we are happy to provide individual and solution-oriented consultancy!