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develogment leads the way into the digital future

Kempen Kompakt Issue September 2018 – The Kempen-based logistics consulting and software company develogment is preparing businesses for the future. Thanks to holistic consulting and digital solutions, customers can work more effectively, avoid mistakes, and more easily identify potential improvements.

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A glance at the processes

Pressebox 17.05.2018 – develogment uses crosslinxx to offer specific software, which provides you with active control of the logistical and administrative business processes, and which connects all parties involved along the entire value chain. This allows you to work more effectively, make fewer mistakes, and more easily identify potential improvements.

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A helping hand on the way to Industry 4.0

IHK Magazin Issue November 2017 – These two co-founders are lending support towards digitalization. An invoice is given an entrance stamp, lands via internal mail on the desk of the person responsible, who then examines it and sends it via internal mail to accounting. “This is largely still the system in many small and medium-sized companies,” says Sven Vogel (49), from Kempen, who with his business partner Jens Kokon (47) wants to help companies seize the chance to participate in the highly vaunted Industry 4.0.

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Mehr Mut zur Digitalisierung

Mustering the courage to digitalize

Pressebox 23.02.2018 – Chinese executives learned about innovative solutions via digitalization at the consulting and software company develogment in Kempen. The word ‘digitalization’ leaves some people unsettled and others downright afraid. What’s happening there?

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