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Cover "Digitale Produktion" - Workflows 4.0 - develogment

Workflows 4.0 – from the electrical pneumatic post to the flexible, automated and event-driven control of business and logistic processes

Sven Vogel, Alexander Klein, in: Alexander Klein, Torsten Niechoj (Hrsg.), Digitale Produktion – Nutzenversprechen, Lösungsansätze, Soziale Folgen, Marburg 2020. The progressing digital transformation pressures companies increasingly. The automation of business processes via RPA is no new achievement, but eventually it is nothing more than electrical pneumatic post. The desired efficiency improvements in the industry 4.0 only succeed with workflows across systems and a holistic view.
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Cover "innovative Verwaltung" 03 / 2020 - Caretaker service - develogment

Caretaker service – multi tool of public schools

Elisabeth Schulze-Hulitz, Melanie Pfeiffer, in: innovative Verwaltung, 03 / 2020. Janitors and caretakers shape the image of municipal schools. Their work is the base for a smooth running of a school and for a functioning facility management. The town of Willich has repositioned itself as part of the project “Flexible Facility Management”: from the janitor in a grey coat to a technically versed initiator.
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Cover "innovative Verwaltung" 11 / 2019 - Green transformation - develogment

Green transformation of public administrations

Elisabeth Schulze-Hulitz, Matthias Sinn, in: innovative Verwaltung, 11 / 2019. Long-term and resilient management processes are significant in order that climate protection and the adaptation to climate changes can work. Here, success factors, pitfalls and necessary guidelines are presented with focus on the experience with German cities – especially Essen as the European Green Capital 2017.
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Cover "innovative Verwaltung" 11 / 2016 - Change of generations - develogment

Necessary adaptations for the change of generations

Elisabeth Schulze-Hulitz, Willy Kerbusch, Sabine Zimmermann, in: innovative Verwaltung, 11 / 2016. In order to attract young people as employees, administrations have to question their structures, their processes as well as their self-images to evolve into a modern administration. The town of Willich has already started out in the 1990s and still profits from its modern administrative culture.
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Cover "Speak to Lead" - Coaching conversation - Back on track and getting started - develogment

Coaching conversation – back on track and getting started

Elisabeth Schulze-Hulitz, in: Wilkes, Malte W. (Hg.), Speak to Lead, Göttingen 2015. Coaching is the main basis for successful transformation processes. In the article about the Düsseldorfer Toastmasters – an international speaker’s club – the author describes basics, methodology, techniques and approaches for an efficient coaching of teams and individuals.
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